Digital Product Management

Designing solutions that solve real problems, customer pain-points, organizational constraints, and legacy challenges require a new way of thinking and organizing. It requires approaches that bring deep empathy for the end customer, clear understanding of the business context, and working backwards from the desired outcomes.


Akira product managers and designers bring extensive skills and experience in the areas of outcomes-back and design thinking as well as product strategy and road-mapping. We are experts in facilitating Design Sprints and Reimagined Sessions that help customers unlock hidden, untapped ideas and themes, and then work collaboratively to build quick, disposable prototypes to test out ideas and hypothesis. Understanding the current state, followed by imagining the future state upfront allows teams to gain a common understanding and alignment which is key to program and mission success.

Product Strategy

Product Strategy


This means a high-level plan describing what a business hopes to accomplish with its product and how it plans to do so. As a result, it will provide clarity for your company’s customers, business, and competitors and how to establish a successful product that will be attractive in the market.

Akira’s experienced product managers can help you build a successful product strategy for your company. They will help build and prioritize your product roadmap to clearly answer key questions about who the product will serve, how it will benefit the user personas, and lastly the company’s goals for the product throughout its lifecycle.

Product Prototyping

Product Prototyping


By prototyping a product, companies can save valuable time, effort, and money by ensuring that the prototype closely resembles and/or performs as would the final, desired product.

Akira designers and engineers can assist your organization in building effective protypes according to your product strategy and goals. As prototypes can vary in size and cost, Akira will establish protype depending on your budget, goals, and expertise.

Product Design

Product Design


Akira’s experienced product design team can help you quickly achieve your business goals, whether you need to craft an idea for a completely new product or evaluate the quality of an existing solution. Design services range from ideation to UI and UX design, research, product review, and digital branding. With the right tools and processes, you can effectively validate ideas, optimize processes, and successfully bring new digital products to the market.

Product Portfolio Management

Product Portfolio Management


Done right, this practice aligns the product portfolio with business strategies to achieve target revenue and profitability.

Akira’s approach to product portfolio management can help manage your organization’s entire product portfolio. Our product portfolio manager takes the responsibility for resource allocation for optimal ROI, identifying areas of improvement, and keeping the products aligned with the organization’s broader digital strategy. We can also implement a Product Portfolio Management solution that can enable and automate industry best practices, templates and visual workflows for project execution and can provide a structure for analyzing product portfolios.

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Insights & Case Studies

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