Data Engineering

Every modern enterprise lives and breathes data 24x7. Unless you have access to the right data at the right time, it can affect your decision-making capabilities across the business value chain. But getting your hands on data is merely half the job done. Extracting insights can be challenging too – given that it is entirely dependent on the quality, reliability, and availability of your data assets. Akira can provide the necessary design and technical expertise to source, stream, monitor, and measure your data, making the overall process “well managed”. We can help you harness the power of granular data-rich insights to capitalize on opportunities, mitigate mission / business risks, and amplify customer engagement / outcomes.

Data Sourcing

Data Sourcing


This creates the firm’s data infrastructure that can be used for handling daily workflows and achieving various business objectives, such as gathering relevant customer information in one place and easily identifying how to best utilize the data.

Akira can help you develop the right data sourcing framework and data pipelines. Defining important data sources (internal or external) for extracting information about customers and business operations can remove the overwhelming process of data collection. Internal data sources, such as CRM platforms can be used for storing protected customer data transactions and historical records and stored well by the company. A well-established external data source can simplify obtaining of publicly available data either manually or through data providers.

Data Transformation

Data Transformation


As part of analyzing data and obtaining useful information, data is transformed to make it better organized for easier usage for both systems and humans. This helps organizations facilitate data transformation compatibility between applications, systems, and different types of data the business possesses.

Akira can help you develop the right data transformation framework and processes. We have expertise in helping organizations integrate technology into their business operations which transform your data from an operational state to an analytical state. With knowledge in transforming and enriching your organization’s data, Akira can assist your business with effective ways of data wrangling and data migration for simple access by different parties within your organization.

Data Process Modernization

Data Process Modernization


The outcome is that the consumers of this analysis have to wait for days to receive the outputs. What if the data processes have issues and need to be run multiple times in order to get a clean, healthy run! 

Akira can help you modernize your data pipelines and processes using modern open-source and cloud-native data technologies. Further, we can help make all these processes observable so that your staff can assess the health of the pipeline and perform troubleshooting by looking at the outputs. The result is fully automated, observable, scalable, resilient, and low-latency data processes that allow your teams and business to run with agility and confidence! 

Data Platform

Data Platform


It separates the operational data, the analytical data, and the data required for building/training machine learning models. It allows data consumers (humans and systems) to find and use data in easy and efficient ways. Cloud Data Platform is a catch-all term for data platforms entirely built with cloud computing technologies and data stores.

Akira can help you design and build a data platform for your specific business context that meets the needs of the variety of business functions and systems in your organization. This includes building the right interface for employees to be able to search data easily and for systems to be able to interact with data using secure API endpoints. Done right, data platforms transform the ease and speed with which your teams can prototype, innovate, and deliver.

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