Vulnerability Assessment

Our approach to performing a vulnerability assessment exposes weaknesses in systems and identifies paths that are vulnerable to exploitation. Our mature methodology provides actionable recommendations to improve security in your systems. Working closely with our team, you can help you uncover vulnerabilities and identify steps to reduce risk within your business.

Endpoint Security

With the advent of technologies like mobile, IoT and cloud, organizations are connecting new and different types of endpoints to their enterprise environment. Meanwhile, the sophistication of cyber attacks continues to rise. As a result, it is quite difficult to ensure the security of all endpoints across your enterprise.Akira offers industry-leading tools, technology, and years of endpoint security experience to help secure your environment around the clock.

Penetration Testing

 Akira brings proven penetration testing services to perform authorized, ethical hacking exercises for our clients to evaluate and understand the security strengths and weaknesses of a particular system or systems within their environment or their entire infrastructure.

Data Security & Insider Threat

Mitigating insider threats requires a comprehensive, risk-focused program involving a wide range of stakeholders and operational areas. As the workplace becomes more complex and insider threats become more difficult to detect, the tools and detection techniques must become smarter and capable of adjusting to the evolving threat. Akira takes a fundamentally different view that insider threats are more effectively addressed as part of a holistic and risk-based program with broad participation required (e.g., legal, information assurance, human resources, physical security, information technology, etc.) and sponsorship by executive leadership

Incidence Response

At Akira, we help our customers protect their networks, data, and reputation from security breaches and attacks by implementing an end-to-end incident response program.