U.S. Department of ENERGY (DOE)

IT Policies Development and ServiceNow ITSM Implementation | DOE

Type: Case Study
Department: Energy Information Administration (EIA)
Agency: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)


Office of Information Technology (OIT) had no accepted or written policies for critical infrastructure management functions. Consequently, conflicting or unclear rules existed for decision-making and response actions, staff were unsure of their specific roles and responsibilities leading to finger pointing and disagreements, severe security incidents were not responded to in a timely or effective manner, and management had no framework for monitoring and enforcing compliance with Federal and Departmental regulations and requirements.


  • Worked with OIT and EIA leadership to identify an IT infrastructure management framework that would address management and tech issues. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework was selected
  • Established a prioritized and phased plan for developing and implementing ITIL best practices
  • Using ITIL best practices, developed robust and comprehensive IT operational policies for critical IT infrastructure management functions to include change, configuration, event, incident, security incident, problem, release, and vulnerability management. These policies were approved by OIT management (CIO)
  • Using the approved policies and working with OIT technical staff, developed standard operating procedures to implement the policies.
  • Identified, evaluated and selected an IT services management tool (ServiceNow) and completed a project to stand up ServiceNow ITSM modules


  • Significantly improved management control over IT infrastructure resources that reduced costs by about 10%
  • Faster and more effective response to IT infrastructure events and incidents leading to a more vigorous handling of potential security issues.
  • Clear definition of roles, responsibilities and actions for managing IT operations that enhanced team communication
  • Replaced cumbersome and ineffective manual processes by modern automated systems that reduced LOE and enhanced information flows

Capabilities Shown

  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • IT Tool Implementation
  • IT Operation Policies & Processes

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