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We design and deliver innovative systems and products to help customers solve complex challenges, modernize mission-critical systems, and successfully tackle digital transformation.

Akira Advantage

Why Us

Akira Approach

Akira Advantage is the secret sauce that we bring to every client engagement. The Akira Advantage framework guides us on how best to orchestrate and optimize the intersection of solution quality, delivery agility, and customer outcomes. Akira Advantage empowers our teams and partners with Lean Product Development and Continuous Delivery techniques and best practices, which makes all the difference.

Our Capabilities

Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Make data sourcing, streaming, monitoring, and measuring efficient and easy.

Data Management

Data Management

Make data standards, policies, security, and governance effective and efficient.

Cloud and Infrastructure

Cloud & Infrastructure

Build smarter cloud solutions, whether that’s a cloud-hosted, on-premise, or hybrid design.

Analytics and Insights

Analytics & Insights

Gain access to actionable, real-time insights and trends that drive timely actions and decisions.

AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

Leverage your data to build always-on, intelligent systems that predict benefits, risks, and outcomes.

Agile DevSecOps

Agile DevSecOps

Build delivery pipelines and processes that make software building and shipping frictionless and secure.

Digital Product Management

Digital Product Management

Apply lean product design and prototyping practices to reimagining and reinvent legacy systems

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Secure your data and systems and focus on your mission by implementing innovative cyber solutions.

Our Clients

Client Testimonials

The Akira team constantly seeks to improve processes and better meet the Government’s needs. During the continuing COVID Pandemic, management was and remains extremely flexible and responsive all while continuously providing unparalleled levels of support.

ACC-APG Natick

Akira provided exceptional services. The products ordered and received met requirements of the customer.


Akira is delivering exceptional quality of service. Assigned work is delivered requiring minimal or no revisions/modifications. Specifically, contractor delivered several Standard Operating Procedure documents that were highly effective in documenting and communicating established processes. Contractor also led several Proof of Concept (PoC) efforts that resulted in highly beneficial results documented in the white paper format that are now being considered for funding to be implemented within EIA operational environment.


Akira’s cost control remains as scope and meets all contractual requirements.


We had meetings with Akira's management several time when deciding on the requirements and they were very cooperative.

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Akira has developed an excellent working relationship over the many years preceding this purchase and the accompanying support.


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