Gregory Price

Chief Operating Officer

“It is not the critic who counts”
—Theodore Roosevelt

Greg Price is Chief Operating Officer at Akira Technologies, with over 25 years’ experience supporting businesses using solutions that add value. Specializing in operational excellence, Greg uses that experience to add Enterprise Value from multiple data points. 

By focusing on measurable, high-quality, reproducible, expected, anticipated outcomes, Greg has been able to provide enduring value that continues long after he has moved and grown in his career. Over the years, his strengths in GovCon have contributed to significant growth, procedural excellence, industry awards, and EV for multiple companies while ensuring excellence in service delivery. Greg spends much of his time analyzing and stressing processes and procedures, but witnessing someone he’s mentored exuding operational excellence in the arena is what drives him.

When he’s not at Akira, Greg spends time with his family and dogs figuring out who is entertaining whom. He often can be seen operating an excavator or track loader as an avid lover of building things.

Professional Profile: