Mission & Values

We are on a mission to transform the way Government runs its business and delivers value to its citizens. We are passionate about this mission and thoughtful in our execution. This means that we spend time understanding the problem, its full context, what awesome feels like, and only then work on identifying the right set of data, cloud, and security solutions that will meet the agency’s mission and objectives.

Our Approach

We believe in:

  • Working in building strong collaboration and partnerships between the design, product, technology, and client teams / SMEs

  • Starting by gaining a deep understanding of the problem, the desired outcomes, and the surrounding context

  • Problem-solving by thoughtful experimentation and radically reimaging what the future could be

  • Building the Right Thing AND Building the Thing Right AND Building with Agility

Akira Advantage

Our Core Values

  • Ownership

    Be proactive and drive things to closure

  • Openness

    Be transparent and enable constructive interaction

  • Empathy

    Be a good listener and seek other perspectives

  • Curiosity

    Be open to learning and practicing new ways

  • Agility

    Be quick on decisions and responsive to change

  • Excellence

    Be the best at what you do