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The targets of transformation are many, but they all start the same way: with data. As enterprises migrate to cloud, they’re poised to access and use their data in new ways, and at new speeds. Tremendous value is within reach, but it will require a different way of working with data. Unlike traditional data and analytics initiatives that lived in a technical silo, Data-led Transformation is about connecting data and people, ideas and outcomes. It requires aligning the data strategy to business goals, adapting business-wide systems to support data-driven decision making, and nurturing the talent and data culture to drive adoption on a large scale.


Leading in the age of insight requires new strategies that leverage data for informed business decisions. Akira’s business analytics specialists use insight-driven methods and tools to help organizations apply insights at the point of action and then connect those insights for greater value. Let Akira help you build a culture that thrives on fact-based decisions.

Data Journey Maps

Data Journey Maps


The concept has been adapted into different business facets, whereby data journey has become a strategic and successful approach for understanding the data flow within your organizations.

Akira can help your organization design and build successful journey maps that can be used to keep track of your interactions with different facets of your business. This process enables your company to use this shared understanding to identify opportunities for innovation and improvement. Journey maps prove invaluable for optimizing across multiple departments – marketing, sales, product, operations, IT, and customer services.


Data Analysis

Data Analysis


We provide a full suite of data, analytics and insights related services and solutions to enterprise level entities looking to get more out of their data. Akira can help your organization in effectively outlining proper methodologies and procedures for performing successful and well-functioning data analysis that promotes usage of real time data as well as intelligent decision making.

Data analysis enhances data extraction and processing from which the companies can easily make decisions. To enable easier processes, performing effective data analysis from large data silos, such as big data and specific company databases, can promote quick way to perform qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization


With proper technological tools, such as QuickSight, PowerBI, R, and Python, organizations can build interactive visualization that breaks the technological barriers amongst employees with various levels of technical experiences.

Akira can assist your businesses in developing successful, simple, and comprehensible compilation of effective tools that will enhance proper data visualization for quick business insights and decision-making processes.


Data Diagnostics

Data Diagnostics


It is doing a deep dive into your data to search for valuable insights. This facilitates a simple process that chronicles the facts of what has already happened and assists in uncovering the reasoning behind certain results.

Akira has significant expertise in this field and can assist your organization get the most out of the data by translating your complex data into visualizations and insights that everyone can take advantage of. Diagnostic analytics helps you get value out of your data by asking the right questions and making deep dives for the answers. And this requires a BI and analytics platforms that are versatile, agile, and customizable

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Insights & Case Studies

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Case Study - Cloud Adoption Analysis and Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Recommendation

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Case Study - Modernization & Implementation of Enterprise Architecture

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OIT provides IT services to EIA customers. OIT is responsible for providing IT infrastructure, application development and support and user services to over 600 Federal and contractor staff.....

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Office of Information Technology had no accepted or written policies for critical infrastructure management functions. Consequently, conflicting or unclear rules existed for decision-making and response actions...