Our Culture​

Culture is a reflection of the people working at Akira and our shared values. We foster a collaborative work environment in which success is dependent on creative thinking combined with superior problem-solving and analytical skills. We maintain a culture that values achievement, collaboration, and fun. 

Employee Testimonials

Sunanda J Profile Picture
Sunanda J. Senior Program Manager

My favorite part of working at Akira is the encouraging environment. I love how it fosters camaraderie, growth, and teamwork, making it conducive to producing emerging leaders. There is always an openness to embrace changes to serve the best interest of customers, which is a testament to the inclusivity and open-mindedness of the company. I am always proud to be part of hard-working and dedicated team members. I am proud of my team for doing their best to adapt and deliver on the contract irrespective of any challenges they face. I am proud of the quality and consistency demonstrated in the customer support and contract delivery in spite of the complexity of the programs that we support. I take pride in being part of the working environment at Akira which is very much about taking the high road, doing the right thing, and succeeding as a team.

Jesse Willhite Profile Picture
Jesse W. Senior Windows System Administrator

I wanted to send a shout out to everyone that I have worked closely with, as well as those behind the scenes here at Akira. Despite my departure for other adventures, I wish to disclose my sincere appreciation for each of your specialized abilities. We all have strengths, what makes you all more valuable is your kindness, patience, friendships, and a willingness to go the extra mile encouraging our Akira Family. Wishing continued growth and success in all your endeavors.

Rderic G.
Roderic G. Senior UNIX System Administrator

This company has given me a chance to grow my skillset as an IT professional. It also introduced me to my first experience in a real-world office setting. Thank you, also, for several good memories that were created during this tenure. Our Christmas dinners we had at Itta Bena at Windcreek Casino in Montgomery were very fun and kept us all in good spirits after the adversity of the pandemic.