Jive social collaboration platform offers excellent functionality for enterprises willing to leverage social aspects of the Internet. Unfortunately it lacks certain features that:

  • Simplify user management
  • Automate invitation process
  • Automate new user followup process
  • Provide faster, better statistics

To fill this gap in functionality, Akira has developed a hosted solution called Custom Admin Extension (CAEx) solving all of these problems and offering a user-friendly interface.

dashboardA simple and clear dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of your community, its key parameters and trends, and one page containing all the important information you would need to keep clicking through Jive admin console to find out.
usersThe tool provides a user-friendly and highly customizable view to all users, invites and other lists in the system. Each view can be easily sorted, filtered or stored as an XML or .CSV file.
campaignsWhen you need to invite a large number of users into a group or the site in general you can import the list of contacts from a CSV file to create an invitation campaign. Each campaign has its own list of invitees, template for the invitation letter, template for the followup email and other attributes that can be easily customized by the user via web interface. The process of creating campaigns and actually starting them is clearly separated. Only users marked as “Community Managers” can review the campaign and authorize the start.
templateThe templates use a simple yet flexible set of macros that expand into different participant attributes such as name, email, group name and so on. The templates also can be reused in different campaigns, saving time for campaign preparation. Two kinds of templates work the same way, but are used for different purposes. One is the “invite” template sent to people invited to a Jive community or a group. “Followup” template is used to send a welcome email to a newly registered user. The whole process of detecting new users is completely automated, but can be controlled by community administrators.

This solution is developed using Ruby-on-Rails web framework and can be connected to existing Jive communities. Furthermore, its functionality is able to be easily extended according to the customer’s request. Please feel free to contact us for the demo if you are interested about using this application with your Jive community.