fn_soaAdopting a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation approach for building information technology (IT) systems allows your organization to enjoy increased agility and responsiveness to your organization’s evolving information needs. A SOA emphasizes the development of coarse grained, loosely coupled functionality that is accessible through standards-based, platform independent interfaces. Discrete SOA functionality is encapsulated as services, which may be distributed across the network and accessed asynchronously through exchanging standards-based messages. This innovative architecture approach demonstrates how to utilize the power of Web Services standards such as XML and SOAP, and platform neutral technologies such as Java™, to extend application integration from the platform level to the network.

Akira has hands-on, practical experience designing and implementing enterprise-level SOA. We are able to leverage the SOA to improve the efficiency of your IT infrastructure and applications, and enhance collaboration among disparate, heterogeneous systems, and information sources.

Akira’s experience as a leader in developing and fielding SOA-based applications can help your organization enjoy the benefits of SOA, just as we have done for some of our customers.

From achieving platform independent, enterprise-level integration and permitting applications to dynamically discover services to providing independent access to the services, regardless of location or implementation, and rapid modification of existing applications to quickly create new applications to meet emerging requirements, Akira has the breadth and depth of experience required to reuse an existing SOA, or design a tailored SOA, to meet your organization’s needs.