Managed IT Services Provided by Akira Technologies

Is your organization critically dependent on the availability, operation and maintenance of your IT systems to facilitate your everyday core business functions? Would you like to enhance the efficiency of your internal IT resources by spending less time and effort maintaining and managing your IT infrastructure? If so, we have the ideal IT support package for your organization. As a certified Managed IT Service Provider, Akira Technologies will provide your organization with a complete range of managed IT support services that will allow you to enhance the efficiency of your business functions without having to use any of your own internal IT resources. Our Complete IT service management solution is guaranteed to support your entire IT infrastructure including all of your servers, desktop computers and network appliances. We will provide you with a reliable ITSM and ITIL  support solution that will be monitored, managed and maintained by our representatives to help you enhance the efficiency of your daily business functions.


Featured Functionalities

1. Request Fulfillment: Our specialized services will allow you to log and edit service requests as well as generating different workflows with subtasks for different requests. We will also provide the ability to automatically send, receive and log into approvals for requests.Your customers will be able to cancel service requests through a self service portal. Most importantly, our services will give you the ability to automate the recording, reporting and billing of the ongoing costs of request management against particular cost centers or accounts.

2. Incident: We will provide you with the ability to link incidents to problem records, knowledge base, known workarounds and RFC’s. Our solution will be able to create an RFC or problem from an incident with automatic population of fields, manage and link incident records to multiple SLA’s and tiers of service based on IT customer groups. We will allow you to collect feedback upon the close of an incident.Our solution will allow you to put incidents on hold so that time does not count against SLA. To avoid confusion, our solution will allow you to differentiate between an incident and a service request.

3. Problem: Your organization will be provided full visibility into incidents caused by problems and the  impact of those problems by linking Incident records to Problem records. Similarly,you will be able to see into problems caused by changes, and changes that are implemented to resolve problems by linking Problem records to Change records. Integrating with Change Management allows you to create a third link between Problem records and CI records, which makes CI information readily available to assist in the classification and prioritization of problems. You will have the ability to increase or decrease the severity or impact classification of a problem according to the number of associated incidents and/or the number of end users affected.

4. Change: With Automated Approval Workflow, you will be able to automatically send approval requests to designated approvers, pickup and records approver responses,change status if the approval criteria is met and send notification of approval or rejection to the change owner and manager. Your business will be able to have multiple approvers and electronic routing of those approvals. You will also be capable of linking RFC’s to projects and support time & cost tracking for project based activities as well as service event based activities.

5. Service Catalog: The workflow tool will allow a definition of service from initial request to fulfillment while incorporating the ability to support serial and parallel workflow paths. It will also be able to identify/associate required approval points during the flow until final delivery is successfully accomplished. The tool will support distributed, role based Service Catalog management and  provide user training information regarding the Service Catalog (for example: access instructions, navigating the service catalog instructions). The Service Catalog will have the ability to contain security features as well as the ability to support different levels of service for the same system.

6. Service Level: You will have the ability to create dashboards or scorecards that communicate any issues and/or failures to Service Owners. Additionally, they will have the ability to integrate with project management, financial, and billing systems and to create and publish Service Components that may include both Professional and Technical Services. Lastly, you will have the ability to handle priority definitions and action times differently for each customer.

7. Configuration: The solution will have the ability to interface with all internal MDRs (i.e. SCOM) allowing it to compare authorized configurations with the actual configurations stored in the MDRs. Additionally, it will have the ability to perform software license management including automated notification of license expiration and non-compliance as well as reporting, tracking, and auditing.

8. Knowledge Management: Our solution will have the ability to create a knowledge article using a fill-in-the-blank form and will be able to automatically populate a knowledge article into an incident. The solution will be able to embed web links, images and objects into knowledge articles (e.g. screenshots, etc.)

9. Release: Our Solution will give you the ability to automatically send approval requests to the appropriate approvers and alert the release manager when approvals are past due. With this tool , you will be able to build, bundle and schedule different types of release packages for deployment. You will also be able to create a realtime dashboard that allows the Release manager or any other approved user to quickly ascertain details on release management in one location.

10. Capacity Availability: Not only will our solution support the aggregation of availability data from multiple systems for service availability reporting but it will monitor and calculate the end-to-end IT Service Availability as perceived by the customer. The solution can perform historical analysis and reporting on available data and, in order to monitor various levels of the IT environment, it will integrate with the event, discovery and provisioning tools.The solution supports the monitoring of established thresholds and can initiate alerts (i.e.: Paging, email, digital bulletin board, etc.) if availability thresholds are exceeded.

The solution  supports the ability to track the number of end-user productivity hours lost (Lost User Hours) for each Availability event as well as providing functions for tracking Availability and Continuity exercise schedule and status.

11. Financial: Our Solution will facilitate detailed price/cost modeling to determine the cost, allow you to record activities and time spent and create invoices based on time accounting.

The solution is able to integrate with Finance tools for purchasing, accounts payable, and accounts receivable/billing functions as well as the ability to support a variety of cost/time allocation methods (i.e., per project, service contract, request).

12. PPM: One of the key features of our solution includes the “Financial View” feature; which will be able  to capture and lock -in initial budget and includes both external direct costs and internal labor costs. The solution will also allow you to re baseline financials without losing initial budget data.

13. Self Service: Our solution will be able to provide you with a list of the “top 10 common FAQ’s searched”, with automated updates based on update rules. It will also enable you to develop, deliver and manage end user surveys as well as integrating chat to support self service usage.

14. Reporting: The solution will allow you to construct queries and reports from any combination of database fields, including meta data. You will be provided with predefined reports for users and administrators as well as the ability to easily export reports and report data for consumption outside the system (i.e PDF, xls). With our solution, you will have the ability to report trending specific to each ITIL process. (Incident Management, Problem Management,Change Management etc.)