Secure Cloud Storage


Cloud storage technology is quickly gaining popularity thanks to its convenience. With services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or Tencent you can get the convenience of having files replicated on your home computer, office computer and even mobile device. What’s even more convenient is that you can easily share these files with your colleagues and friends, so they can have access too. What could possibly be wrong with such perfect technology?

Try to store more than a couple word files and pictures. Once you attempt to upload a large video file or backup files from your laptop you will immediately hit the limitations of free accounts. Dropbox offers only 2Gb for free and Google Drive offers 15Gb as of 2013. Unless you are willing to pay for this convenience, you won’t get anything close to adequate storage for your growing needs. For instance, half-terabyte storage will cost you $500 per year. Compare this to the $100 price tag for an average 1Tb disk and you won’t find the previous offer attractive.

Fortunately, various new companies in the cloud storage market offer much more. For instance, Tencent is offering incredible 10Tb of data for free. This is something that would cover the needs of a small company for some time. What is wrong with this wonderful proposal? To answer this question think about what happens to your files once you post them to the cloud storage. You click the button and your files disappear in the internet and go where exactly? In the case of Tencent, their server network is located in China. Thus, you will never know where your data will land and sometimes the destination might be in a place you do not necessarily trust with information about your business.


Akira Technologies offers its experience in deploying custom cloud solutions in implementing ownCloud in your enterprise. What ownCloud offers is complete Dropbox functionality and more conveniently implemented as an opensource product with dual license. It allows storing your data in your own cloud storage, so you can tightly control how this information is stored and where it goes. Also if you already have network infrastructure it provides cloud storage for a tiny fraction of the price you would pay to Dropbox or Google Drive for the same multi-terabyte storage.

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