Big Data

Big Data

Can you imagine how much information mankind had produced since the beginning of history until the year 2003? All music, paintings, scientific data, books, surveys and everything else comprise trillions gigabytes of data. Now imagine that in 2013 we produce the same amount of information in just 2 days!

With this incredible growth in the data production and consumption, a new breed of solutions is required to collect, process and present information to users. Even though the servers are getting faster every day, for some systems it is no longer possible to keep all the records on a single computer or even cluster. When you need to process billions of records, just a cluster won’t be enough to perform all the computations in adequate time.

From these problems, various new approaches to data storage and processing emerged. Akira will gladly provide a demonstration of how modern technologies can resolve challenges to big data processing. We do not just bring a bunch of slides with colorful pictures. We will demonstrate a real life system and show how different technologies work together to deliver unprecedented scaleable performance. Our real-life example includes integration of:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud technologies including Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2), Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and more
  • MongoDb cluster
  • Hadoop as the data processing engine
  • R as the analytics engine
  • Nove.JS, Highcharts, Express, EJS and other technologies from Javascript family helping
  • Stress testing using tsung


Another very common problem for the public sector is ever increasing budget cuts. Under these circumstances, agencies may not be able to afford first-class multimillion-dollar hardware, but will still have to provide their services to the public. Our demo will show how the system can dynamically scale up and down and dramatically reduce the costs of ownership, while still guaranteeing high performance.

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OpenStack is a great alternative to amazon Web Services of Google Cloud Platform to organization requiring flexibility of cloud and privacy of hosted solution. Akira can offer its expertise in achieving both goals using opensource software.
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Multisurvey Platform

Akira Technologies is proud to present a PoC multi-survey platform leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver superior performance, scalability, and reduced total cost of ownership. Akira developed the platform to demonstrate how modern technologies can simplify the work of large organizations by conducting massive surveys, simplifying codebase, facilitating data dissemination, and analyzing to reduce costs. The
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