Agile Software Development

Akira blends Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, and Lean practices to foster high-quality, quick-return development. Our iterative, sprint-based approach enables our dev team to begin delivering production-ready software in a just few weeks. We use our deep Agile development knowledge and experience to meet your needs, whatever your industry may be. We work continuously with your Product Owner to ensure complete visibility throughout the project.​

Web/Mobile Development

Developing quality apps is just one of the many things the Akira team does well. Our team is comprised of strategists, designers, and developers who are committed to creating memorable mobile and web applications. Our team of developers is comprised of well-qualified experts that follow transparency in the process, and constantly keep customers at ease.​


We take a different approach to DevSecOps that focuses not only on the latest technology capabilities in the DevSecOps ecosystem, but equally on the human resources, organizational, and culture change required to enable the people, the processes and the technology to get aligned on a common outcome – the mission of their organization​

Service Oriented Architecture

Adopting a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation approach for building information technology (IT) systems allows your organization to enjoy increased agility and responsiveness to your organization’s evolving information needs. Akira has hands-on, practical experience designing and implementing enterprise-level SOA. We are able to leverage the SOA to improve the efficiency of your IT infrastructure and applications, and enhance collaboration among disparate, heterogeneous systems, and information sources