Identity Management

We recommend and implement the identity management solutions that you need to create the means to identify individuals within your organization to then establish control, audit and compliance around their access to your data and applications. This is accomplished by establishing user entitlements and restrictions.

Access Management

We implement access management solutions to grant only authenticated users entrance to your applications, databases and services. At the same time we implement the authorization process that dictates which data, features and functionality a user may access within those applications, databases or services, while preventing unauthorized access and incorrect authorization.

Identity Governanace

We can define and maintain an IDM governance model that will provide greater visibility into an organization’s users and their access rights. This includes developing a governance committee, comprised of business and technical resources, to oversee the identity and access management processes, including the creation and maintenance of standards and policies, execution and management of IDM, and prioritization of tasks and goals

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

We can enable least privileged access capabilities for systems and services in a consistent and supportable manner while increasing the overall security posture of your organization. Privileged access management functionality ensures effective and secure access management capabilities related to privileged account access to electronic resources.