Home Page Card Sorting Exercise

The purpose of this exercise is to agree on the ASPE.hhs.gov home page content.
The current home page (shown below) is based on Akira’s best guess made during the inception phase and does not reflect the current vision for the future of the website.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 5.12.40 PM

In the beginning of the exercise you will be asked to enter your name. Please enter your full name and click the “Let’s get started>” button (you need to click that button, not just press Enter). We need to know your name in case if we will have any questions or you will have suggestions that do not fit the format of this exercise.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 1.19.26 AM

After pressing the button you will be directed to the card sorting page. The interface of this page consists of Groups panel occupying the larger part of the screen and the Deck part in the the left side of the page (see below).

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.36.48 PM


Your goal is to sort the cards from the deck into one of three groups:

  • Important – this content will be placed in the most visible parts of the home page. We will use various user experience testing techniques to identify the most “clickable” parts of the new website and keep this content there.
  • Should be on the home page. Since the most visible and clickable part of the home page is a very limited resource we cannot keep all content there. Everything that you want to see on the home page but is not of the highest priority should be moved into this bucket
  • Do not display this on the home page. If you think that some content does not belong to the home page at all please move it into this bucket.

At the moment there is no limitation to the number of items in each bucket because there are some many ways to present the same content which we will discuss later. You can even move all the content into the “Important” bucket, there is a way to do this as well.


In the left side of the page one can see the list of different content on the website that can be displayed on the home page. This content will be presented on the home page will be discussed later and can be one of these:

  • A block of text
  • A video
  • Animated sequence of slides (slider)
  • A collection of links
  • A tabbed view
  • The possibilities are almost infinite

In order to sort the cards please drag and drop the items from the deck into the appropriate group.

For instance, if you want “Most popular report” to be displayed at the most visible part of the page:

  1. Bring your mouse cursor over “Most popular report” deck element
  2. Press the left mouse button and hold it
  3. Move the mouse cursor over the “Important” Group
  4. Release the mouse button
  5. You will see that the card now is placed in the

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.54.21 PM

You do not have to sort all the cards. Only sort the cards that you think should be in the main menu. Keep the cards you don’t want to see in the main menu in the “Deck”.

If you accidentally dropped the card into the Wrong group, you can always move it to a different group exactly like you would move it from the Deck.

To keep the card set consistent we do not allow editing the card labels. If you want to propose a new menu items and it is not in the Deck please place the “Other” card into the group. We will contact you and discuss your ideas about the new menu items.

Once you’re done sorting the cards you want to see in the main menu please press the “Finish Sorting” button in the bottom-right corner. We won’t be able to capture your results until you press this button. Please do not reload the page or press the “Back” button in your browser until you are done with the exercise and press the “Finish Sorting” button. If you do this your card sorting progress will be lost.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions by email amikhalchuk@akira-tech.com

If you are interested in learning more about card sorting and science behind it you can find some interesting information here:

Now you are ready to proceed with the actual exercise. Thank you for your time, we value your input very much.

Start the card sorting exercise!