Contract Name: First Source II

Contract Number: HUBZone (HSHQDC-12-D-00015); 8(a) (HSHQDC-12-D-00022)

Issuing Agency: Department of Homeland Security

Period of Performance: (HubZone); 9/17/12 through 9/16/19; (8a) 9/28/12 through 9/27/19

IDIQ Award Ceiling: 3 Billion

Contract Type: Fixed-Price Hardware, Software and Services

Point of Contact: 
Andre L. Richmond, Contracts Program Manager
(703) 935-1262

First Source II is designed as the preferred source to acquire commercially-available Information Technology (IT) commodities, solutions, and Value-Added Reseller (VAR) services to support DHS.

The IT commodities included are as follows:

• Small Form Factor Device: Portable mobile computing device with a display screen that provides an interface for viewing and processing data that can be transported for normal human-computer interaction. (For example, laptops, netbooks, tablets, smart phones, bar code readers, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers)

• Static Device: A computing device, equipment storage system or visual display device that remains in a permanent location and is not transported for normal business functions. (For example, desktop workstation, monitor, security card reader, server and network racks)

• Domain Device: A device that provides information technical service management for the optimization, administration and security of data, voice, and video transmission and all interrelated interfaces to support network and application protocols and processing, storing, replication, recovering, monitoring and auditing of all information system processes. (For example, router, switches, servers and blade servers, SAN, security appliances, firewalls, software, tape backup device, Uninterruptible Power Supply, Video Teleconferencing)

• Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Device (desktop virtualization): A device that supports distributed applications for wired and wireless heterogeneous and homogeneous network environments for mobile small factor devices and static devices for the transmission, processing, creating, storing, retrieving and manipulating of images. (For example, virtual machines and applications that operate within a centralized, decentralized or hosted infrastructure interface device, such as virtual desktop infrastructure device or thin client application)

• Peripheral Device: Auxiliary hardware and software for system management, productivity and collaboration, monitoring and sustainment for small factor devices, static devices, domain devices and VDI devices. (For example, printers, USB sticks, scanners, DVD recorders, RFID tags, cameras)